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At Proddigia we are 100% service, which has made us a reference in the Barcelona real estate market.

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Proddigia, the new real estate generation

We were born in 2008 as a real estate agency in Barcelona with a certainty: detail in the service and success in real estate operations are cause and effect. More than a decade later, our track record has shown us that we were right. The people who are related to the real estate market deserve more: more service and more added value. More and better for a crucial moment in the life of a person, of a family.

We are the feeling of being in good hands because we would like to be in our hands. We design a home for each home and thus find your future tenant in Barcelona more efficiently. We combine personal treatment, expert advice from a single interlocutor and the best technology on the market. It is our way of getting involved from the outset in each project to offer solutions that work.


A single interlocutor that relates with knowledge and transparency with the mission of adding value. We act as our clients want us to work, assuming integral projects if necessary.


We apply demanding selection criteria and multidisciplinary training to constantly guarantee excellence. Our team captures, filters and orders real estate information to facilitate successful decisions.


Creativity, technology and effort to offer a cutting-edge service that makes life easier for our customers. We seek ease of use, convenience and saving time as basic principles of our activity.

Our real estate agency secret

Here, now, always and anywhere. From the first visit to the closing of the operation. We coordinate and synchronize with local, national, international real estate agents and digital intermediaries to boost the sale of homes. We look for the best combination without losing control of the context to ensure optimal decisions. We start from analytical rigor and provide criteria, experience and work to respond with the greatest efficiency. This is how we understand precision.

We unite supply and demand through multi-channel strategies, from specialized digital platforms to personal relationships with key sector agents. We get to where the ideal home buyer exists. We combine the best international practices thanks to the networks of which we are a part with the idiosyncrasy of the local markets to which we belong.

Services as a real estate agency in Barcelona

Sale | A demanding method with the sole objective of closing sales

We sell faster and at a better price. And we can do it because we know the market trends and translate them into opportunities for our clients. We offer a global vision in a coordinated way and with a single interlocutor for the owners.

We accompany the owners of a property during the process for sale for your property to find a new tenant. We enhance the favorable points and improve the properties through the staging of homes and the optimization of images so that they become what they hide inside. That is our challenge.

Rental | A friendly and stable hand between two parties destined to understand each other

A fair deal. Our clients trust us because this is what we offer: a treatment that benefits both the landlord and the tenant. We are service and mediation between both parties. Speed, efficiency and maximum profitability for the owners. Resources, personalized attention and security for the future tenant. The perfect fit.

Landlord Services

-Personalized assessment of the rental price

-Session photographic


-Updated information about the process

-Tenant solvency study


Services for the tenant

-Close contact and customer service

-Personalized search

-Resources and facilities


-Wide range of possibilities

-Personalized study of needs

Wealth management and investment | We make the concept of comprehensive real estate management a reality

We maximize the return of our clients, we minimize their concern. We are the interlocutor that guides and channels the demands of a future and present tenant, as well as a partner that represents and watches over the interests of the owner. We shorten distances between landlord and home: it is the result of our comprehensive management. We provide criteria and transparency in exchange for peace of mind and carelessness.

We advise our clients to obtain the maximum benefit from their real estate assets. We maintain, update, reform. We manage the entry of new tenants and the change of conditions. We put ourselves in the shoes of the owner with the sole objective of optimizing the profitability of their homes without incidents.

Proddigia staging | We give more value to homes

Our real estate agency goes beyond a sales contract, we optimize each property so that you get the most out of it. For free we give a new image to your home to sell it faster and at a better price.

Behind our real estate agency

Communication and design

Add value is a constant for us. We want to do more and do better at every stage of the real estate process, from start to finish. Signing a sales contract is, for us, putting the finishing touch on a service taken care of in detail. Interior design and communication: these are two of the ingredients of our method that guarantee optimal results.

As an agency real estate agency that knows the real estate market in Barcelona, we add value to our clients by answering the most common questions that arise when making the decision to selling or renting a property, as well as wanting to buy or rent. In our blog specialized in the real estate world, we keep everyone interested in knowing what is happening at all times and what their best option is up to date.

Proven experience

Since 2008 sharing experiences in the real estate sector in Barcelona .

The first step in making decisions

We share an objective, that of our clients. We reduce uncertainty and provide answers at the most delicate moment: a property sale decision.

We lead the sale

We know the industry and best practices. We constantly generate intellectual capital that has an impact on our clients.

Added value is added service

We create value and achieve impact. We respond to the global challenges of our clients. A vocation for service that materializes in comprehensive and personalized involvement for each of the projects.

Objective: close sales operations

We work oriented to obtain results: our success is that of our clients. Guaranteeing optimum profitability for each home is what we know how to do best.

Vocation of service

Being a professional means having the knowledge, skills and ability to solve challenges. It means exceeding expectations and anticipating, anticipating a situation and having solutions. Being professional means service, empathy and involvement. And only expert professionals are part of our team. It is the essence of Proddigia, the leading real estate agency in Barcelona, a clear vocation for comprehensive support and the maxim of transforming each property into the unique home it can become.

We are the maverick who seeks constant improvement

Transformation is the concept that explains our world: change, innovation, new demands… Transformation is also an obsession with adding value. Since 2008, we have been committed to the evolution of the real estate sector and to those owners who are looking for a different interlocutor. Because we are and we make a difference through a 100% comprehensive service.

At Proddigia we offer you a personalized consultation for any of our services, we are here to help you. Contact us without any commitment.

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