We turn challenges into certainties

Where others see empty walls, we see opportunity. The opportunity for showing a future proprietor their new home. The opportunity of being the ones to provide resolve and to encourage and reassure you at such a decisive time.

The most advanced sales system to turn a property into a home.


Where a helping hand is needed

We are there for you because we believe in a fair deal. A fair deal for owners and tenants alike. We are able to match the best price and the right tenant. We build a bridge between two parties destined to come to an agreement so there benefits are unquestionable.

We represent the reliability everyone needs. A tailor-made service, always.

Asset management

We reduce your worries to nothing

We place ourselves in the owners’ shoes with the sole objective of optimising the profitability of their properties, hassle-free. We bring knowledge and guarantees to the table when it comes to decision-making. Proddigia is the asset manager you can trust.

We manage like we would our own property. Our assessment is treated as though every recommendation were made for ourselves.


We identify opportunities

Our challenge is to optimise your real estate investments. We find the best possible investments and plan refurbishments to maximise profits, while keeping investments to a minimum.

Your profitability is our duty. We are your strategic partners, and as such, we aim to safeguard the future of your assets and investments.

Interior design and refurbishments

We make it viable from the word go

We make it possible for potential buyers to see the refurbished home having made the most of its potential. We turn refurbishment projects into reality, providing a dossier containing the full refurbishment proposal, and we have architects and interior and industrial design professionals at our disposal to deliver a turnkey home.

We add value at every step of the process, and close it in the best possible way: by selling it.


We have the solution as you are looking for and our offices in Barcelona and Sant Cugat at your disposal.