Home Staging: What It Is And Why It Can Be A Good Solution For Selling Your House

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When selling or renting a property, popular belief seems to indicate that the only thing that matters is to take a few photos, and quickly upload them to the internet. Idealista, Fotocasa or Habitaclia will do the rest. Maybe tidy up a bit, this way. Open windows and draw curtains, over there. Proddigia’s home staging service takes your home to the next level. But let’s start at the beginning, where to start?

There is a little bit of that, but reality and data show that in order to increase the value of a flat by 25% or more, and reduce the time it is for sale, it takes much more than that.

To sell a property, it is not enough for it to be beautiful. The staging of the property must be done in such a way that it is able to dazzle the potential buyer.

So what is home staging?

It is the technique that combines interior design and decoration with the aim of transforming any space in a home into a more attractive place that manages to generate an irrepressible desire to buy in the potential buyer, or to rent in the future tenant.

These are not major interventions. Rather, they are a series of techniques or small reforms aimed at enhancing the qualities of any home. The aim is always to increase its attractiveness and market value.

There are two distinct parts to the work of a home stager. The aesthetic and the audiovisual. In the first case, the aim is to achieve a “facelift” of the property and make it look as good as new. The effort here is focused on highlighting the strong points of the property, while minimising its weaknesses. We must correct all the flaws that may discourage a potential buyer.

The second part is the audiovisual part. For example, the creation of a quality photographic report, virtual tours, floor plans and any other material that can be used to convey the new state of the flat for sale, or for rent.

What is the main objective of home staging?

We already know what Home Staging is, now it is time to define its objective. The why of this discipline. Specifically, it is to sell faster and for a better price. As simple and powerful as that.

We can also add that in the vast majority of cases, it helps us to avoid downward negotiations. This is its main facet, but read on and discover all the benefits of working with a Home Stager and how it works.

The importance of fine-tuning: to speed up the sale and for more money.

Time is money.

And having your house hanging on the internet or in the window of a real estate agency without being able to sell or rent it, means two things: it is a great frustration and it is a lousy business.

The importance of home staging lies exactly in that: improving the time and value of selling or renting a property.

Data, data, and more data.

That’s what you need to know if it works, right? Especially if it’s an investment that you have some doubts about. In the end, what’s the point of investing in a flat that you are about to sell?

Well, the answer is offered, in Spain, by the AHSE (Asociación de Home Staging de España) and in the United States by the NAR (National Association of Realtors) and the website Statista.

These institutions were in charge of collecting a lot of information. Comparing thousands of concrete cases, between sales (and rentals) that applied Home Staging and those that resisted.

This graph is impressive:

What impact did the Home Staging application have on buyers in homes for sale in the USA in 2021?

  1. 82% of potential buyers visualise the property as their future home.
  2. 41% are motivated to make a physical visit to the properties they viewed online (to which home staging was applied, of course).
  3. 39% believe that if the property is decorated to their taste, it will have a positive impact when they know the price. In other words, it will be easier for them to accept the price set by the seller.
  4. 27% are more willing to overlook other defects in the property if the staging is good.

What about Spain?

  1. • 37% of the homes surveyed have increased their selling price by up to 25%.
  2. •  In 59% of rentals the value was increased by 25% or more.
  3. • 90% of the clients who requested professional home staging services were very satisfied with the results. Another 7% were satisfied.
  4. Home Staging sells 7 times faster. The average selling time is 1.19 months, whereas without the use of these techniques it takes up to 8.6 months.
  5. • Home Staging helps to rent properties 12.5 times faster. Without home staging, it can take up to 4 months, but with good staging it takes only 0.36 months.
  6. • It is very profitable, the average price of home staging projects is 0.86% of the sale value.


It is proven, taking the trouble to prepare the property, staging in a professional way, applying design and interior design helps to:

  1. 1. Increase the selling or renting price.
  2. 2. Improve time on the market
  3. 3. Avoid downward negotiations.

How does home staging work?

Let’s start at the beginning.

In the 1970s, in the United States, this discipline began. Its creator and pioneer, Barbara Schwarz, stated that three fundamental principles should be respected:

The three letters C

  1. CLEAN
  2. CLUTTER FREE (Tidy up or avoid clutter)
  3. COLOR

In other words, everything must be cleaned in such a way that the rooms look as if no one had lived there. Tidy up by eliminating small personal things that take up space and do not generate a connection with the buyer. And the colour? We should choose palettes that aim to show personality and warmth, but without being boring or old-fashioned.

To help you take the first steps and find out in detail what you should do if you are interested in staging your flat, we have prepared a list of tips.

The 7 essential tips to prepare your property, improve price and selling time

  1. 1. Clean.
    A tidy and shiny house shows that you have taken good care of the property. Clean everything! It’s easy to put up with your own dirt, but it’s impossible to put up with other people’s. Add new appliances in the kitchen. The bathroom should sparkle throughout: sinks, bathtubs, corners, toilets, etc. The aim is to make the house or flat look new.
  2. 2. Tidy up.
    There are two main problems with clutter. One is that it distracts buyers. More attention is paid to the little things than to the virtues of the house. The other is that it makes it look like there is less space. You have to put everything away and get rid of those extras you don’t need.
  3. 3. Depersonalises.
    As we have already said, the main objective of all this is that the buyer can imagine himself and his family living in the flat you are selling. You have to eliminate all personal elements that may evoke family stories or the presence of the former inhabitants of the house.
  4. 4. Keep spaces fresh
    Use plants to give the feeling of a fresh and welcoming place. But don’t let them overwhelm. Eliminate everyday smells (bathrooms, kitchen, shower, etc.) with scents and cookers. Don’t forget to take out the rubbish!
  5. 5. Paint and wallpaper.
    A potential buyer is unlikely to like your wallpaper. The best thing to do is to take it down and paint the walls a neutral colour. Are you a fan of your pink bathroom? Great, but these strong colours don’t help. Leave room for the buyer’s imagination. Light palettes, or even white is a good place to start.
  6. 6. Lights.
    Make the most of the natural light in your home. Open curtains and blinds when showing the house. Add accessory lights where needed and turn them all on when visitors come over (including those in wardrobes). This makes your home appear brighter and more welcoming, and saves buyers from having to search for light switches.
  7. 7. Exterior.
    Special attention should be paid to the exterior and the entrance. These are very important, because they can have a big impact on the buyer’s first impression. Lawns, trees and other plants should be well trimmed and be sure to get rid of weeds and grass. Also, pay attention to the state of the windows, they should be clean and tidy.

Meet Proddigia Staging, the free Home Staging service for our clients.

At Proddigia, we are convinced that the fusion between interior design and the sale of your home results in a transaction in less time and at a higher market price. That is why applying Home Staging to our clients’ homes has become a priority for us. We divide the intervention into three actions:

  1. 1. Refurbishment: Through painting, cleaning, lighting and aesthetic improvements, such as changing switches, handles…
  2. 2. Furnishing:  Furnishing the home with the latest in interior design, adapted to each style, to bring it to life.
  3. 3. Textiles: Dressing the house in every detail.

Each project is unique and unrepeatable.

And most importantly, there is no cost to you. We take care of all the operational costs to make the whole staging…

Contact us right now and let’s start working to sell or rent your property much faster and at a better price!

Ana Vila

Ana Vila

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