Everything you need to know about the Property Registry in Barcelona

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Registro de la propiedad barcelona

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To make a purchase and sale of a home in Barcelona it is important to know its registration status. The buyer will be interested in knowing the surface area, the loads and the general characteristics, and the seller will help expedite the sale by having a simple note from the Property Registry in Barcelona. In this article we tell you how to request it, what information it contains and how to locate the Property Registry< /a> that corresponds to a specific property. 

How to get a simple note at the Barcelona Property Registry?

The simple note in the Barcelona Property Registry can be obtained in two ways: 

How to locate the Property Registry of a property?

To know which Property Registry corresponds to a specific property, you can consult a previous simple note, the deed by which ownership was acquired (sale, inheritance, or donation, among others) or consult the Geoportal of the registrars website. In the latter case you will simply need to enter the name and number of the street where the property is located. Once these data have been added, press Enter and the cadastral information will appear and then the “Locate your Registry” button. You will see, below, the address of the Registry that corresponds to that property, the telephone, fax, email and a map. 

What information can be requested from the Property Registry?

In the Property Registry you can request various types of information, which are the following: 

Simple informative note

It contains the identification of the property and its owner, as well as the real rights registered over it such as full ownership, usufruct and mortgage. Characteristics of the property such as its surface area, nature and limitations are also described. If requested, the English translation of the simple note can be obtained, but it will have an additional cost of about 30 euros. 

Registration certification

It is a document that is signed by the Property Registrar and reliably accredits the registered rights over a property or whether it has liens or not. It has the same evidentiary value as a public document, that is, it can be used in a judicial procedure as evidence.

There are various types of certification which are the following: 

  • Domain and charges certification. It is the most common and contains the complete vision of the owner’s property, the rights that exist over the property (lease, usufruct) and the charges that the property has such as mortgages, easements, embargoes or tax conditions. If it has no charges, it will appear that it is free of charges.
  • Literal certification. In this case, the Property Registrar literally transcribes one or more entries or inscriptions from the history of a certain registered property. We must know that this type of certification does not include the personal data of the owners due to Data Protection regulations and nor is information provided about the purchase price of the property. 
  • In some cases A certification can be requested to know if a document has been presented or not in the registry and to know if a registration has been made and what its content is. 
  • Finally , a certification by judicial or administrative order can be requested when it comes to an execution procedure for non-payment of debts that may have relevant legal effects, for example, the property may be seized and subject to a judicial auction. 

Simple location note

Reports all the properties (with data from the corresponding registry and the municipality) for which a person is the owner of a registered right. It is used to know a person’s assets and know how many properties and rights they have registered in their name in the Property Registry.

Location note for regular lenders

Informs the number of current mortgage rights that a natural or legal person has registered in their favor in the Property Registry throughout Spain. 

Alerts to the registered owner

In this case it is a service by which the registered owners, who are natural persons, of a property or a right will receive a communication in the event that a document is presented that may affect their property or right. . This service is free

How much do you charge for a simple note in the Property Registry?

The Property Registry charges the same regardless of where it is located. These are due to the fact that the prices are established by a Tariff at the state level that affects all Property Registrars. 

The costs, as we have seen in the previous sections, are as follows: 

  • Simple note (ordinary, location) requested in person: 3.64 euros
  • Simple note (ordinary, location) requested electronically: 9.02 euros. 
  • Simply translated note: 9.02 euros for the simple note, plus 30 euros for the translation. 
  • Certification: the cost depends on each case. 

In conclusion, the information obtained from the Property Registry is essential in any real estate purchase and sale. If you need help buying or selling an apartment in Barcelona, ​​contact our experts and we will advise you throughout the entire process. < /p>

Ana Vila

Ana Vila

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