How to know the cadastral reference of a property in Barcelona?

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referencia catastral Barcelona

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If you are going to buy a house in Barcelona, ​​you must obtain information about it to carry out the transaction safely. In order to do this, you will have to request a simple note from the Property Registry and information from the Cadastre. In the latter, you will obtain the cadastral reference of your home in Barcelona. In this article we tell you what the cadastral reference is, what it is for and how it is interpreted.

What is the Cadastre?

The Real Estate Cadastre is a public registry that depends on the Ministry of Finance and from which data on rural and urban properties can be obtained. The registration of a property in the Cadastre is mandatory and free, at contrary to what happens with the Property Registry, where registration is not mandatory and has a cost that is calculated based on the amount of the transaction and considering a fee. 

What is the cadastral reference and what is it for?

It is a code that contains 20 characters, of letters and numbers, and is assigned by the Cadastre. It is a unique code, which makes it possible to identify a property unequivocally, so that no be confused with another. Identification provides legal certainty in purchase and sale operations, inheritance and other real estate transactions. 

The cadastral reference is used for: 

– Know data about a property such as: type, surface area, location, year of construction and use, among others.

– Provide security in transactions involving the transmission or transfer of use of real estate (purchase, inheritance, rental) and avoid errors or fraud.

– Identify the properties for tax purposes, for example, in the Real Estate Tax (IBI) and in the income tax return (IRPF).

Therefore, the cadastral reference will appear in lease contracts, contracts of purchase and sale, donations, judicial resolutions, electricity supply contracts and income tax return (if you are the owner of real estate). 

How do you obtain the cadastral reference for a property in Barcelona?

To know the cadastral reference of a property in Barcelona you have several options: 

– Request a nota simple at the Property Registry. One of the data that will appear is the reference. You can go to the registry in person or request it through the website.

– Enter the real estate registry website and use the location by street and number.

– Check the real estate tax (IBI) receipt.

– Use the GPS coordinates on the Cadastre website.

– Search for the property on the map that appears in the Cadastre.

To obtain the cadastral reference for housing in Barcelona, ​​go to the electronic headquarters of the Real Estate Cadastre, at this address. On this page you will have several ways to search for the cadastral data of a property: by cadastral reference, by street and number, by polygon or plot, by coordinates or by Unique Registry Code. For example, if you select the search by street and number you will have to enter the following data: 

– Province.

– Municipality.

– Route and number.

– Internal address: block, staircase, floor and door.

Another option is to go in person to the Cadastre Management Offices or to the Cadastral Information Points. In this page you can find the information points in Barcelona: In some cases it is necessary to request an appointment.&nbsp ;

You also have the possibility of calling the Cadastre by phone during the established hours. 

How is the cadastral reference interpreted?

As we have mentioned previously, the cadastral reference is made up of a 20-character code that contains numbers and letters. They are interpreted as follows: 

– The first 7 characters identify the property on which the home is located.

– The following 7 reflect the sheet of the plan where the property is located.

– The following 4 refer to the property within the property.

– The last 2 are control characters and are used to know if there is an error in the previous ones.

Why do they ask for the cadastre reference in the income tax return?

If you are required to submit the income tax return, you must include the cadastral reference of the home, whether you are an owner, a tenant or another option. In the Income Web Program of the Tax Agency it is possible to consult the cadastral reference. To do this you will have to follow the following process: 

– Access the Tax Agency website and within it the Renta Web program.

– Enter with your electronic certificate or with your NIF and password.

– You will be able to see the tab called “properties” in the menu at the top.

– In that tab you will be able to see the properties that you have declared. Select one and you will see the cadastral reference.

Remember that you must include the cadastral reference in the rent, for example, if you are a tenant and you want to deduct what you pay from rent of the home. 

What happens if I don’t have a cadastral reference?

There are several cases in which the home may not have a cadastral reference, for example, the following: 

– The land where the property is located may be registered, but not the property.

– In the event thatthe construction of the building has just been completedit is possible that it has not yet been registered in the Cadastre. It may happen that the documentation has been submitted, but the process has not yet been completed or that presentation is missing. The assignment of the cadastral reference can take some time (even two years), so it is important that you make inquiries about how the process for the new home is.

– An old home that has not been registered in the Cadastre due to changes in regulations.

In the case of a new construction property for which registration in the Cadastre is being processed, it is important to consider that once the registration has been carried out you could receive the charge of the IBI for several years in a row. 

How is a home registered in the Cadastre?

In the event that the home has to be registered in the Real Estate Cadastre, the following steps must be followed:

– Present the 900D model by the interested party.

– The notary before whom the property transaction has been carried out, the registrar of the property or any public administration may notify the cadastre of the operation so that it can be registered. to the new owner.

In some cases, there may also be a discrepancy between the cadastral description of the property and reality. To correct these errors there is a procedure that can be initiated ex officio. 

Another way of registering real estate in the cadastre occurs when an inspection is carried out to verify a property from a tax point of view. 

Some of the facts that must be registered in the Cadastre are the following: 

– New constructions or extensions

– Modification of the use of the property

– Segregation, division, aggregation and grouping of real estate

– Acquisition or consolidation of property

– Variation in the share of each spouse in the common property

As a consequence of the above, if you need help to buy or sell a home in Barcelona, ​​it is advisable that you seek advice from experts in the real estate market. The PRODDIGIA team will help you in all the sales procedures and to obtain the cadastral reference. < /p>

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