Sell faster, at a better price, at no cost.

Proddigia Staging is the easiest way to sell your house faster and for a higher price thanks to services such as home staging, repairs, painting and much more.

We turn the sale of your home into a unique experience:

0 %

faster than usual.

Staging a home decreases the amount of time it remains on the market.

0 %

above the original price.

The average increase in the value of your property after the intervention of Proddigia Staging.


no costs, no interest, never.

Our Staging service covers the costs of the work that can increase the value of your home.


How it works

1. Action plan

Our team will develop a customized project with suggestions for improvement that will be decisive for the success of the sale.

2. Fine-tuning

We take care of hiring the best professionals and we inform you at all times of the progress. We work strategically the image and the presentation of the property for a correct exit to the market.

3. Ready to go to market

Once the transformation has been completed, the house goes on sale with a completely renovated look, transformed into any buyer's dream home.

4. No cost

Proddigia will bear the cost for the upgrade work performed, subject to its agreements with the service providers.

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Case Study

“What I was most concerned about was how I was going to sell our property at the price I wanted. And this is where Proddigia made the difference with their Staging service. Really, once the services were done, it was another house and I was able to get the economic result I was looking for.”

Maria, saleswoman | Sant Cugat


days on the market


above its price prior to Proddigia Staging

Individual results may vary. Success stories are not intended to guarantee the same or similar results.

Services included

Why Proddigia Staging?


Your Proddigia consultant will help you determine which interventions will determine your success.


The entire process is designed to be fast, so that work can begin, and the home can be sold, as quickly as possible.


You won’t have to worry about costs or interest, because there are none.


We will be by your side throughout the process, advising you along the way.

Curious about how Proddigia Staging can transform your sale?

The price will attract interest in your property, but a staging will bring offers.

We solve your doubts


When a property is prepared with the home-staging service, it is furnished, decorated and improved in order to maximize its attractiveness to potential buyers.

A well-prepared property has the right quality and quantity of elements and furnishings for a buyer to understand how rooms can be used and how spaces flow. Home-staging generates a sense of warmth, lively spaces and positive emotions.

Good service avoids clutter or the use of highly customized décor. In addition, it maximizes the property’s strengths while minimizing visible defects.

Home-staging encourages potential clients, increases their interest and their perception of value.

At Proddigia we aim to help as many clients as possible. For this reason, our home-staging service does not have any additional cost for our clients.

If you want to sell your property faster, at a better price and at no cost to you, just contact us and our agents will explain in detail the conditions and terms of the service.

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